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Knee Ligament injuries

What are knee ligament injuries?

A ligament sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched or torn. Ligaments are tough tissues that connect bones. They support your joints and keep your bones in place. They allow you to lift, lower, or rotate your  legs. The knee joint is held together with a number of different ligaments and a ligament sprain may involve one or more of them. A sprain is usually caused by a direct injury or sudden twisting of the knee joint. This may happen while playing sports, or it may be due to a fall or car accident.

How do we treat ligament injuries at the Mansfield Clinic?

Treatment will depend on which ligament has been injured, and if more than one knee ligament is involved. Treatment will also depend on how severe your injury is and when the injury occurred. Dr Allfree may suggest one or more of the following:

  • A support device such as an elastic bandage or a splint.
  • Appropriate pain and anti-inflammatory medicine
  • Manual therapy such as osteopathy. This will help improve strength and prevent stiffness. This is important to help prevent a recurrence of the injury.
  • Sometimes localised steroid injections will be introduced at the site of injury.

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