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Low back pain

What causes low back pain?

The back is a very complicated structure made up of bones, muscles, nerves, discs and joints. This can often make it difficult to diagnose the exact cause of the pain. Most cases of back pain are not caused by serious damage but by minor sprains, strains or injuries, or an irritated nerve.

Back pain can be triggered by simple everyday activities, or it can develop gradually, over time. Back pain sometimes develops suddenly for no apparent reason. For example, you may wake up one morning with back pain and have no idea what has caused it.

How do we treat low back pain at the Mansfield Clinic?

Because back pain is often difficult to diagnose, it is also sometimes difficult to treat effectively. Dr Allfree has had many years’ experience in the management of people with back pain, and he will use his expertise to make a thorough assessment of your pain. Sometimes special investigations, such as an MRI scan, are needed to determine the exact cause of the pain.

Once the diagnosis has been made, Dr Allfree will suggest the most appropriate treatment, which will include one or all of the following:

Spinal surgery will only be recommended when all else has failed.

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