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Neck Pain

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain or a stiff neck is very common. You can get a painful or stiff neck if you sleep in an awkward position, use a computer keyboard for a prolonged period of time, or even from sitting in a draught. Stress and anxiety can also sometimes cause tension in your neck muscles, which can lead to pain in your neck. However, there is often no obvious cause of neck pain and doctors refer to it as ‘non-specific’. 

How do we treat neck pain at the Mansfield Clinic?

Dr Allfree will will examine your neck and ask some questions to help rule out any serious underlying damage or condition. He may also prescribe a stronger painkiller, such as codeine to take with your usual over-the-counter painkillers. If appropriate, he may also treat you with gentle manual therapy such as osteopathy.

If your symptoms are particularly severe or do not improve, Dr Allfree may consider treating you with anti-inflammatory steroid injections around the painful neck joints.


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