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Osteopathy is the modern, scientific development of two of the oldest forms of treatment known to man - massage and manipulation. It is a system of diagnosis and treatment that focuses on structural and mechanical problems of the body.

How common are problems in the body framework?

Damage is occurring to our body’s framework every minute of the day. Fortunately for us the body is designed to repair itself. It is only when the damage is excessive, or when the body’s normal defence and repair mechanisms are themselves impaired that disease occurs and treatment becomes necessary.

Back pain will affect 80% of the general population at some time and it is the second commonest cause of lost working hours after bronchitis.

What conditions do osteopaths treat?

Because it is so common, back pain accounts for half the workload of the osteopath, but many other conditions affect the body frame. Click the links below for more information:

As well as being medically qualified, Dr Mark Allfree is a qualified osteopath, and has had extensive experience in the osteopathic treatment of mechanical injuries. He is a member of the General Osteopathic Council.