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Shoulder impingement

What is impingement syndrome?

Impingement syndrome is characterised by pain and sometimes weakness when you raise your arm, caused by a muscle tendon getting trapped in your shoulder.

It involves the rotator cuff tendon which runs through a narrow space between the top of your arm bone and the shoulder blade. The rotator cuff tendon attaches your shoulder blade to the top of your arm bone.

In impingement syndrome, the tendon becomes trapped in this space and is repeatedly pinched underneath the bony roof of the shoulder, causing pain when you lift your arm up. 

It may start suddenly after an injury, or  gradually without any obvious cause.

How do we treat impingement syndrome at the Mansfield Clinic?

Impingement syndrome is usually treated with a combination of osteopathic mobilisation, a specific exercise programme to keep the shoulder muscles strong, and occasionally a corticosteroid injection to reduce the swelling and inflammation that builds up around the rotator cuff tendons.

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