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Slipped disc

What is a slipped disc?

Many people are surprised to learn that discs do not really slip. Discs are basically spongy cushions sandwiched in between the spinal vertebrae. They have a tough, fibrous case - the annulus - that contains a softer gel-like substance - called the nucleus. The discs help maintain your back's flexibility and range of movement. A slipped disc - more accurately known as a prolapsed disc - occurs when the outer annulus splits, allowing the nucleus inside to bulge out of the disc. The damaged disc can put pressure on the spinal cord or more commonly on a single nerve root. This means that a prolapsed disc can cause pain both in the area of the protruding disc and in the area of the body controlled by the nerve that the disc is pressing on. If the disc is in the lower back this causes sciatica.

How do we treat slipped discs at the Mansfield Clinic?

At the Mansfield Clinic we specialise in the treatment of all types of low back pain and this includes disc problems and sciatica.Treatment usually involves a combination of physical therapy, such as osteopathy, medication to relieve the back pain, and injections to relieve the sciatica. 

Surgery to release the compressed nerve and remove part of the disc may be considered in severe cases, or if the pain continues for too long. This procedure is called a spinal decompression, or discectomy. If surgical treatment is required, the Mansfield Clinic can arrange for this to be organised.

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