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Sports Medicine

Millions of people throughout the world perform physical exercise and play sport. These people have specific medical needs. To cater for these people a branch of medicine known as “sports medicine” has evolved.

The scope of sports medicine

Clinical sports medicine is not just the treatment of sports injuries. It also incorporates the prevention of injury, the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the injured athlete, the enhancement of performance through training and nutrition, and the management of medical problems caused by exercise.

Sports injuries

Injury can be sustained in sport due to an acute episode or as a result of overuse. Examples of acute injuries include ligament sprains, bursitis and muscle tears. Overuse injuries are becoming increasingly prevalent due to increased training demands of modern day sport. Click the links below for more information on common spots injuries:

Treatment of sports injuries

The sports physician uses a wide variety of interventions in the treatment of sports injury, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and injections, massage, manipulation and cortisone injections. A key aspect of the successful management of sports injuries is effective rehabilitation of the athlete, and for this a specially designed exercise programme is usually required. For more information on treatment of sports injuries, click the links below:

Dr Mark Allfree has undergone postgraduate training in sports medicine at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, and holds a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine. He has had over 15 years’ experience in the treatment of sports injuries.